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Video Apps – Sports!

Two updated apps hit the market Ozark Sports Zone (iOS & Android) and Channel1450 (iOS & Android) and we couldn’t be more excited for our clients.  Both playback monetizable video, have massive rich photo gallery content and support DFP for ad serving and video pre-roll.  if you have the content (or need the content via user upload!), we have the WPB App Platform for you!  Did we mention Push alerts, too?

Social Has Never Been This Sexy

socialWPB has a new layout which blends your stations’ and talents’ social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more!), into dynamic animated full width displays of posts.  The posts move and update in realtime with the social updates.  You have to see it to believe it.

WPB Crossed 50 Sites

Good Day to you fine digital publisher.  Living up to the old axiom, when you are in this business that the site you least update is your own, we here at the WordPress focused division of Intertech Media, WPB, are finally getting to running this site about our fine service.

WPB Social Config

Today we have launched a new plugin to help you send your posts to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Associate your account once and then you can use them anytime you create/edit content on your site. Please contact customer service at if you need any assistance. Thank you

We Heard You: Episode Download Link

Episode Page Download Link – In the WPB podcasting system, which as you know allows for podcast episodes to flow through widgets and pages of the website, on episode pages there is now a download link. This allows users to reach and download the mp3 file directly. Users reach an episode’s page by clicking the title of the episode from the widget or post.