We Heard You: Episode Download Link

Episode Page Download Link – In the WPB podcasting system, which as you know allows for podcast episodes to flow through widgets and pages of the website, on episode pages there is now a download link. This allows users to reach and download the mp3 file directly. Users reach an episode’s page by clicking the title of the episode from the widget or post.

New Poll Widget Makes Life Easier!

Poll Widget – No longer do you have to use a short code in a text widget to get a poll in your side bar! Just use the new Poll Widget. But there’s more… You can also set the new Poll Widget to “Default (Most Recent Poll)” – which will then populate the Poll Widget with the most recent poll in “Live” status. This is great for sites where some people don’t have access permission to the widget area but they are supposed to update the polls! Just use the poll widget, set it to use the most recent and then you are all set.